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About Us

Pavilion Bakery are a specialty bakery offering the very best in sourdough bread, pastries and coffee in East London and Cornwall. Started by founder Rob Green in 2007 in Victoria Park, Pavilion exemplifies what it means to be everybody’s ‘local’. We bake a small but stand out range of slow fermented breads and pastries and serve them alongside really excellent coffee and lunches. We source our flour, butter, eggs and chocolate from the UK’s best sustainable farmers and producers, meaning everything we bake is made up of truly exceptional ingredients and has exceptional flavour.

With over 10 years of experience, the Pavilion sites celebrate speciality, seasonal produce from the UK and promote health through food with a particular focus on the very best fruit and vegetables. The sites are all meat-free and stocked with organic, local produce from our friends and suppliers around the UK. We constantly aim to improve ourselves and our products, as well improving our impact on the world around us. We take pride in sourcing as ethically and sensibly as possible, using the least impactful packaging and materials and putting back into the local communities we are situated in. Moving forward we aim to be entirely seasonally led with our menu and products guided by the fruit and vegetables that are available to us throughout the British growing year, as well as creating homemade pickles, jams and ferments led by each season’s bounty at the farms. 

We are all the sum of our parts, and at Pavilion we make sure those parts are damn good.

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