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Our Ambassadors

Ben Skinner

Born in Jersey in 1984 where his love for the ocean was instilled into him at an early age, while learning to surf with his Dad, Steve, at the tender age of 3 years old. In 1995 the family moved to Cornwall and started Skinners Brewery, a business now firmly built into British local communities.

The move to Cornwall for Ben was the best thing that could have happened to him at that stage of his young surfing career, still only 10 years old. Since then Ben has won two Silver medals in the ISA Games, 11x European titles, numerous British titles and is currently the only Brit inside the top 10 in the WSL World Longboard Tour.

Ben also has his own business in Cornwall Making surfboards, the boards that he has achieved all of the above riding. In 2008 Ben and long term friend Jason Gray started Skindog Surfboards.

He now lives in Perranporth with his long term partner Michelle, and their four lovely Children, Lucy, Lukas, Lila and Leven where you will see them as a permanent feature on the local beaches and skate parks around Cornwall.

Naomi Bishop

Naomi is from a small village in Cornwall, she grew up by the beach on the South Coast and has always loved the ocean from a young age. However it wasn’t until her mid-teens that she was introduced to surfing by her two brothers.

Currently she works Barefoot Surf and also with her brother at his Westcountry Surf School in Newquay. When Naomi is not at home making coffee while overlooking Watergate Bay, she is chasing waves all around the world!


Seb Smart

I was about 2 or 3 when we moved to Sennen. 

My older brothers went from football to surfing then naturally they introduced me to it. It’s something I couldn’t be more grateful for. 

I come from a family of Royal and Merchant Navy seamen, coal miners, boxers and footballers. 

Surfing and board sports are new to this generation of my family. Other than surfing there’s a few other things I enjoy, but nothing really compares. 

I came across Pavilion when my friend introduced me to the team and their amazing coffee and food. I’m part of that team now and it’s an epic one. I feel so stoked to be a part of the family.

I started competing when I was about 9. Mum or Dad used to take me to most of the competitions and I loved it. I won all the area titles then the Cornish, English and British titles but when i got to the age of 16 . I couldn’t get into the vibe at the events. I have no quarrels with competition surfing at all. I think it’s brilliant but for me but that path finished.

In hindsight as I have grown older it is something I would look at again, so watch this space!

For now surfing for me is creativity and flow. Looking at film elements and my art are areas that I am amped about at the moment.

Photos by Sam Breeze and Izzy Henshall

Lukas Skinner

Lukas Skinner is fast becoming the future of British surfing… his talent and desire to surf is second to none.. but his kind nature and excitable personality is the thing that shines through the most. 

At 12 years old he has already accomplished a lot and proven to the world that we can produce world class talent from Cornwall! We are excited to be on this journey with him! 

Photo by Laurent Masurel

Lukas is already 3 x Under 12 English Champion, U12 and U14 Rip Curl Grom Search Champion, UK Pro Surf Tour Under 16 Champion and 2nd in the U18s. 

He has just signed with Rip Curl Europe and Firewire International , under his Dad’s label and shapes. Along with Dryrobe and FCS. We the Pavilion have been supporting Lukas for the past year and will continue to do so and we are very excited about this young man’s future! 

Photo by Laurent Masurel

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